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Gerry Benoît, Ph.D.
Data Scientist
Web Services


web design,
analysis and programming,
data management,

Concierge Computing
for short-term on- and off-site projects ...

Check out the flip-book version of my projects and web design.

Research Projects & Systems Analyst

My research agenda focuses on understanding and improving the storage, retrieval, and use of data and information systems in general. The theoretical basis is built on the Theory of Communicative Action, shaped by experience as a programmer, designer, systems integration and employee training.
Recent projects include a linguisitic analysis of COVID, retireval models, and research/practice applications. The scrollytelling project is a combo CMS software, proof-of-concept, and way to make LMA resources more valueable in a combination of web resources + storytelling techniques.

Programming: Python, SQL, Full-Stack, InfoVis, Systems Analysis

Experienced programmer and systems analyst, now as an independent consultant and university professor at UC Berkeley in the Data Science Program and for San José State informatics program.

Programming for fun! Keep skills fresh by designing and writing software for a variety of useful products. Check out the TF•IDF Search Engine and Doc Display tool, QuickCat2, a tailorable media cataloguing and webpage generator, suitable for personal, corporate, and LMA projects.

Web Design

Web Design should not be limited to what a vendor wants to provide or rely on templates that make everyone’s products look the same. Own the design; realize the vision you have for interactive and richer, flexible, lightweight, full-stack web services.

Small- and home-business web sites benefit, too, from the kind of tools, systems, and designs I offer.

Qualifications & Experience

Different audiences need different skills. Teaching students or training staff require being able to bridge the technical jargon with what the end-users understand, in the context of their values, work, and interests.
Professor + Programmer = Successful Systems.

Personal Interests

I really enjoy the graphic arts, design and illustration, all things nautical, music of all kinds (especially Baroque), boxing, and calligraphy & typography. Favorite activity? Travel and foreign languages ... Check out my last trip to Southern France ... Cheers

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Gerry Benoît, Ph.D.

Located in Cambridge, MA,
Available for coding projects
and teaching onsite and remote.

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