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Welcome to “Bix•Digital” Consulting, Gerald Benoît’s central site for training materials, demonstration software and analysis, client contact, and all-around welcome. With 25 years of experience as a programmer/analyst, professor, and systems consultant, I offer services in analysis & system design, full-stack development (user-end websites, interactive visualizations, information architecture, data access, metadata and ontologies) and back-end solutions, such as programming & work-force development. As a college professor, teaching data science, computer science, and information-science courses I try to keep up with trends in better information exchange.

Some current projects include

Consulting Experience

There’s an Art and Science to Data ...

I’m interested in photography, travel, all things nautical, arts & science. Data science joins people and technology: knowledge of aesthetics and ethics, programming and human-computer interaction, statistics, and domain knowledge combine to transform data into knowledge that facilitates more effective, more efficient practices. [imho]

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Here’s a link to my CV, detailing my research papers, teaching, and service activities. Before joining academia, I served in the US Navy, later as a programmer/analyst and art directory for an international design firm. Along the way I've helped institutions of all sizes answer questions about software purchases, data integration, work-force development, visualization of data, and creating more efficient, effective cooperation between people and data.

Ph.D. (UCLA), M.S. (Columbia Univ.), B.A. (UC Davis, double major Russian & French).

I’m a faculty member at Harvard University as a member of the Senior Common Room, Adams House, Harvard College, and associate professor teaching computer-, data- and information science.

At your service...

Email: Email. Phone: 617-909-0798

GitHub: @seabix

Boston Area, New England, and the World: on parle français; man spricht Deutsch; jag kann lille dansk; bättre på svenska, men försöker förbättra båda; certo parlo italiano y español.

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Students: see the courses website.

Coming soon... Getting the most from working with a consulting data scientist
Working with a web designer
OpenSource Projects: File conversion tools, institutional communication and project collaboration, Harvard Visualization Project ... and shortly to be available via GitHub.

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