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Nov 26, 2021

By way of greeting

Originally from New England, trajectory of life shot from here to Monterey, to Davis, to Los Angeles, to Lexington, KY, and ultimately Boston. Along the way there were lots of trips abroad, primarily to Europe. One dreams of settling down on the French Riviera (Juan-les-Pins, yes, please) or camping in Scandinavia or those hiking Germany ... perhaps Italy. Jump to Tech Experiences & Academic Background Life in Cambridge brought faculty affiliation at Havard University in Adams House and to a new phase of consulting for small- and large organizations, in better data use and improved work/data flows. Fri, Nov 26.


Digital Storytelling

– it’s what’s been missing in information- and data science.

Years ago, someone at Mitsubishi, Cambridge Labs, noticed folk on a coffeebreak were doodling on napkins, sketching ideas, and re-arranging those napkins to tell a story. That person went on to study the role of storytelling in problem-solving and communicating ideas to others. Meanwhile as desktop computers became more powerful, tools for creating mixed-media sites became easier to use ... and people created lots of websites. But the trend in web-based communication is to follow-the-leader, using the same design, the same message, often the poorly-designed means to try to sell something.
Tell your story: digital storytelling as scrollytelling emerged as a meaninful way to combine digital data (text, images, sound, video, interactive data visualizations, and more) into a comprehensive unit. I specialize in this area, from the front-end client/user experience to the back-end programming and data services site.

My last peer-reviewed paper applied lingustic register ISO12609 and visualization to explore issues in different groups’ behaviors in accessing Covid-19-related materials at the start of the pandemic. Shortly look for the whitepaper on data science and visualization.

Academic & Work Chops: An experienced professor-for-hire
Why your company or university should hire me : )

The technical world is not just computing, nor mining customers’ data. There are issues of theory, practice, ethics and how to think about the problems we address. An experienced programmer, web designer, professor conducting research and teaching undergraduate-through-doctoral level students has skills that are hard to describe. But they’re useful. Check out the cv and send any questions. | Après une préretraite un peu malavisée pour raisons familiales ... actuellement je suis à la recherche de boulot ... je suis bien prêt à partager ses compétences ...

Please visit my online CV , including these unedited student comments. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers -GB.

Below are shared some personal interests, projects, teaching materials, and the like ... Input on research projects is always welcome.

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