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Gerry Benoît, Ph.D.
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Welcome to the online CV. Here are posted employment experience in academia and in business, along with a complete list of publications and more.

2014Online Teaching Certificate
2007Discrete Math, Harvard Univ. DCE
1998Ph. D., Univ. of California
1984M. S., Columbia Univ
1983B. A., UC Davis
  US Navy, Cryptology Tech - Interpretive (Russian)
Experienced teaching college & graduate level courses in information visualization, statistics, research methods, information retrieval, systems analysis, informatics, web design, web programming; and presented seminars/webinars on information visualization, computing and ethics, digital humanities, multilingual computing issues, bioinformatics, metadata and interoperability for libraries & museums, among others.
2018 - presentAdjunct Professor, UC Berkeley, School of Information, MIDS Program. Berkeley, CA, USA.
Create and teach online courses in the Data Science program - Computing for Data Science (Python) and Information Visualization.
2018 - present Adjunct Professor, San José State Univ., Online Informatics Program, San José, CA, USA.
2006 - present Harvard University, Adams House Associate, Senior Common Room, faculty tutor.
2006 - presentConsultant to large and small-sized businesses, library and museum systems, and international corporations.
2005 - 2018Associate Professor. Simmons College, Computational and Information Sciences, 300 The Fenway, Boston, MA 02115
1998-2003Assistant Professor. Univ of Kentucky, College of Communications and Information, Lexington, KY USA
1987-1994Programmer/Analyst II. University of California (Berkeley-Information Systems Office; Davis-School of Medicine, Information Services Support Group)

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Gerry Benoît, Ph.D.
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